Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SHOP til you DROP

Today was obviously a shopping day!!! Alexa and I got up early because we were on a mission to get everything on our lists for people. I made three large purchases...A present for my mom :), for cody :), and for Mrs. Dabber and Skylar :)! I also found these pair of cool way footwear tennis shoes, but they didnt have my size. I was on mission to find them. We must have gone into about 40 shoe stores, and yet nothing! I was so mad, but I fought a purse the day before so all was well. We went back to the hostal at 1:30 to set up for a suprise lunch for Brandon's birthday. Good cake! Then we split into on assignment groups and took pictures. Since it was our last day Granada, we went to a fancy restuarant! It was a five course meal, but seemed like so much more food than that. It was very pretty too because it overlooked Alhambra (the Castle).

My picture were not so hot today!