Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Science Museum

Today we spent about five hours at a science museum. It was suprisingly intresting though. We went and saw the planatarium with a show about the moon. We saw a show of different birds flights. The owls were very pretty. The small white owl reminded me of Hedwig in Harry Potter. After that everyone split into groups. I went with the troup to the Tropical exhibit of butterflies. We were warned that it would be hotter than it was outside, but walking into the exhibit was like walking into a wet sauna. I think every pore in my body was sweating...even place i didnt think could sweat were sweating!! The butterflies were so pretty though. There was a moth that was about the size of a baseball mitt it was enormous; I have never seen anything like it before. After that everyone was just about to call it quits. Since we still had one more exhibit, we ate lunch at the museum, and it was really good i had spagetti! After lunch we went to the last exhibit, and it lasted forever!! It was very intresting though. I learned a lot of new things. Chess was invented in India as a war game, and since India did not have horses they used elephants for the originial chess. The black and white squares represent night and day. The four middle squares represent the four seasons. Horascopes came from Andalucia (the region I am in, in spain), and I learned many more things..but those are the things that mostly sunk in. After the museum, I had a good nap during siesta. Then for dinner we split into little groups and went off and ate dinner. I ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwhich; it was very good. Then we went back and Tino talked about his pictures. He showed us some amazing picutres from Patagonia. The ice glaciers were so intresting. He really focused on color and contrasts of color. Then we went to sleep!!

My best pictures of the Day: