Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Leaning With Tino

Today in the morning we split into three different groups according to what kinds of pictures we wanted to shoot. I was the group shooting people and our group was with Tino. Tino taught us new techniques of how to take candid pictures or "spy" pictures of people on the street. It was really intresting. That was all of the morning. I took some really good pictures. We also walked all the way up the san nicholas which overlooks Alhambra, the castle in Granada. It was very pretty. Then we went to lunch, and has siesta. At five o'clock, everyone came down the to the courtyard at the hostel we are staying at and loaded there top five pictures of the day on a flashdrive to show the rest of the class. Tino criticed everyones pictures and gave a new perspective; it was a good learning experience. After class, we all went back and walked the same streets we walked in the morning and took better pictures! Seeing the castle at night from san nicholas was amazing it was so beautiful. After that we walked down and at an Indian restuarant...I had some sorta of chicken pastry veggie thing it was very spicey but also very yummy!! Then all stuffed up we trudded back to the hostel, and Tino showed us some of his worked. Tino talked about diagonals, color, and other elements of pictures we need to look for.

My best pictures of the Day: