Thursday, June 18, 2009

First Day of Shooting

Sleep was great, but I was still extremely exhausted. We got up and going at about eight with cameras and all. The whole group walked over to this park taking pictures along the wa. While at the park we had a group orientation discussing expectations and goals for the trip. We also played two games we played evolution that basically incorporated rock-paper-scissors and a partner game that was like musical chairs. Walking around Madrid was very hot, probably hotter than Houston which seems crazy. Meagan took Alexa, Conner, Kate, Kylee, Merritt, Clark, Jaime, Allison, Eve, and I to a restuarant called U3U (i believe). I ordered a Caesar salad, but it was far from. My Caesar salad did not resemble any of what I've had in the States. On the other hand, I ordered a steak sandwhich with goat cheese which was absolutely amazing! Skipping the supermercado, our group hastily headed back to the Hostel, by then it was probably 3 or 4 o'clock and hotter than ever! siesta was relaxing; we downloaded pictures and chilled in the airconditioning. I refrained from sleeping, although I was so tired, because I wanted to sleep really well that night. After sieta, we headed to the Reina Sofia Museum of Modern Art. The most amazing thing ever...I saw Picasso's Guernica! It had a whole room to itself and had pictures of different stages in the making. It was also enormous. After the Museum, I was absolutely exhausted and hungry, but we sat outside the museum in the little plaza being stalkers and taking pictures of spanish people. Kylee and Merritt played soccer with two native boys, it was good photo opportunities. Then, still without eating, we headed over to the train station where an amazing fountain was, and we took some great slow shutter speed shots and at night that turned out great. Shortly after we headed to Telepizza and ate, then headed home!

My Two Best pictures of the Day: