Friday, June 26, 2009

Bull Fighting

Today after breakfast we were split into four groups of four to do "on assignment" work. Kate, Brandon, and Shelby are in my group. Each group had to pick a cultural aspect of Spain to photograph. Our group picked streetlife, which includes beggers, outside markets, and street entertainment. After we wrote up our proposal, each group had an hour before lunch to go walk around Granada and shoot pictures. We didnt take many pictures but we scoped out places to go back tomorrow. After we had lunch and a short siesta. At five o'clock we rode a mini bus out to a ranch that raised bulls. We saw a couple of different matadors "fight" the bulls. This was a real bull fight because real bull fights take place on sunday. The owner of the farm picked four female horses about two or three years old, which are prime time to breed them. They use the same techniques they use on the males to see if the females have aggressive traits they would pass on to their kin. They use females for this process, so that the males do not learn from their experience. They want the males to be fresh when they first go to into the ring. I had a lot of fun. Then very late we went back to the hostal and ordered pizza and went to bed.

My Best pictures of the Day: