Thursday, June 25, 2009

Class and Alhambra

Today we woke up and ate breakfast at nine o'clock, then we walked to a hotel nearby to use the conference room to have class. Everyone picked a couple of pictures of the same shot to compare which shot was the best. Tino critiqued everyones pictures, then he showed somemore of his work. He showed the same story he shot in Haiti in black and white and in color. The two stories both effectively conveyed the message Tino was trying to send. After that we went and all ate lunch. We had seista, then we went and walked to Paddy's Bar to watch the first half of the USA vs. Spain soccer game. The pub was packed full of Americans cheering on our winning team! After the pub, we walked to Alhambra, the castle. We got lost trying to find the entrance, but the grounds of the castle were so peaceful and beautiful as well. The castle was amazing with mostly Muslim influence, and all the arabic writing repeated the same phrase on the walls "there is no god but Allah." After the castle we walked back to the Hostel and crashed.

...all my pictures from today are horrible...i had an asthma attack walking up the stupid hill to get to the castle.