Saturday, June 20, 2009


Today we took a day trip to Toledo, which is about a thirty minute train ride from Madrid. Going to Toledo was a nice change from Madrid; it was much more quaint. The group met Meagan's boyfriend Javi, also. We walked the streets, went to the plaza, tried to go to the cathedral (but it was closed), went to a sinagogue, and lastly we went to a small church that had one work of art by El Greco. Intrestingly enough, El Greco lived in Toledo. After all this we went to lunch, and I ate paella and carcamusas; it was very very good. I also had an orange for dessert. What suprises me is that fruit is often on the dessert menu at restuarants. Then we had some time to do whatever we wanted. Kylee, Merritt, Alexa, Eve, and I were thirsty and exhausted, so we went and bought water at McDonald's and chatted. Then we walked back to the train station and rode back to Madrid early to pack for Granada the next day.

My best pictures of the Day: