Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Arrival in Madrid

The flight from Houston to Paris was horrible. It was about eight and half hours. The Paris airport was nice and had great food. We had about an hour layover in Paris. Then we flew from Paris to Madrid. Jetlag was also horrible. Finally after getting settled in Hostel Nuria in Madrid, Davin and Meagan, our National Geographic guides, took us on a walk to the Plaza Mayor. Madrid is hectic and similar to New York. Also, there was an enormous amount of construction going on...I guess it follows me everywhere. I stayed in a room with Shelby, Alexa, and Avery. Davin took Ms. Karter, Avery, Alexa, Shelby, Clark, Robert, Jaime, Eve, and I went to a small Tapas restuarante and ate some new adventurous things. In Spain, the grade of pork is much higher than it is in the states. So we had cured thinly sliced pork with melon and cheese (both seperate). We also tried this pork sausage, which was very lean, with olive oil and salt to add flavor (this was probably my favorite). Then we headed back to the hostel, and the route back was quite intresting. The street our hostel is on is across from the McDonalds, which happens to be the hooker hangout in the wee hours of the was halarious!!