Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today we woke up late at ten o'clock and shared are pictures from Alhambra from the night before. After that we had about an hour to get ready to watch Flamenco dancers at one thirty. We rode the bus to the Flamenco dance studio. Watching the dancers was very intense and very beautiful. I have seen Flamenco dancing before in Barcelona a few years ago, but I dont remember it being so intense. It was amazing how they moved their body gracefully, but at the same time were so rigid and precise. I took some amazing artsy photos...some way blurrier than others, but I still very much enjoyed the little show/practice they performed for us. After that, we rode the bus back to the hostel and watched an Annie Leibovitz documentary called Life Through a Lens. It was very moving. I learned even more about Annie Leibovitz!! We had some lounge time then we sent pictures to the dancers we took pictures of today. Then later I think we are going out to dinner then coming back to the hostel and having an early lazy night.

My Best photos of the Day: