Sunday, June 28, 2009

Arab Baths and Massages

Today we broke up into our "on assignment" groups and had three hours to take pictures. Kate felt sick today, so there was only the three of us. We ventured off and took some really great pictures of street people and everything. After that we had a group lunch at Nuevo Restaurante. After that we had a short little siesta. Then we went to the cathedral down the street; it was absolutely massive. We also went to burial chapel of Isabell and Ferdinand; it was very pretty and elaboratly decorated. After that, we went to dinner in smaller groups...I had ice-cream for dinner :). Then we went back to the hostal for about an hour. Our suprise for that night was going to Arab baths and getting massages. That was so much fun!! There were three baths: one hot, one warm, and one cold. There was also a steam room that did wonders for my skin. Overall I had a really good time!

My Best Pictures of the Day: