Monday, June 29, 2009

Hike from Hell

Today we drove up two hours to on a hike in the mountains. Shortly after getting there half of the group got split up from the other group. My group, without a map, accidentally chose the harder of the two trails...It was downhill almost all the way with wet rocky terrain. The uphill was worse though, and my asthma started to kick in not to mention my allergies were out of whack too!! Then after the horrible hike we ate lunch, and I bought a new purse! After that, we rode back to the Hostal and had siesta. When we got back Ms. B and Ms. K had a salad and pasta dinner ready for us; it was sooo sooo good!!! We had some more siesta time, then we walked up to san nicholas and took picture of alhambra at night. We stayed about fourt-five minutes..

My best picture of the Day:

^yeah..its panorama! (Alhambra @ Night)